How to access export credit insurance

UK exporters often require credit insurance to protect themselves against the risks of not being paid for the supply of goods and/or services under an export contract or of not being able to recover the costs of delivering that contract.

UKEF can issue exporters with an Export Insurance Policy, giving them the protection and peace of mind that they require to fulfil their overseas contracts successfully. This can be done directly or through working with eligible brokers.

Operating across a wide range of sectors, UKEF can consider support for exports to more than 150 countries, helping UK companies maximise the opportunity to do more business overseas and strengthening brokers’ relationships with their clients.

This document is designed to help brokers understand the credit insurance support offered by UKEF and how this can benefit their exporting customers. It gives an overview of UKEF’s Export Insurance Policy and provides a guide to how brokers can access and manage this policy on behalf of their clients.