The broker's guide to claims

It's true to say that the claim is the fulfilment of the promise made by the insurer to the customer when an insurance policy is taken out.

When purchasing insurance, many smaller companies may not consider that the business they have poured so much personal energy and money into may literally be washed away or go up in smoke. In a similar way to larger companies, they may concentrate on the purchase as a cost saving opportunity, not appreciating that, in the event of a major claim, the claims service might be the difference between surviving the loss or going bust.

Brokers have a valuable role to play in the purchase of commercial insurance in ensuring their client understands the quality of the eventual claims service that they will receive. In addition, their role is also vital in explaining the claims process in the event of a claim in order to help their clients at the time they most need expert assistance.

Produced by BIBA in association with Zurich, this paper provides brokers with a guide to claims.

Topics covered:

- The claims process/treating customers fairly.

- Insurers and brokers: the need for claims co-operation.

- Identifying and tackling insurance fraud.

- The impact of joint and composite insurance on claims.