Taking control for confident decision-making under Solvency II

Solvency II requires insurers to disclose an unprecedented amount of reliable information to regulators, senior management and the public on a quarterly basis. Manually producing that information each time as a discrete activity is almost unworkable, as it relies on many people taking time out of the business to gather, calculate, reconcile, validate and present the information in the specific formats in which it is required.

This whitepaper studies how insurers can take control for confident decision making under Solvency II and assesses the key benefits of deploying an automated approach to reporting.

Topics covered:

- Why Solvency II demands an automated approach.

- Getting the full benefits of Solvency II reporting.

- Four core challenges for insurers.

- The need for effective control.

- Benefits of a workflow-driven approach to Solvency II reporting and stress testing.