The Centre for Counter Fraud Studies

The Centre for Counter Fraud Studies is a specialist research and knowledge services centre focussed upon counter fraud and is part of the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. It provides research, consultancy, academic courses, specialist training courses and accreditation services to the public, private and voluntary sectors to enhance their resilience to fraud.

The Centre also hosts the Fraud Hub, which is an online repository of research and publications on fraud open to those registered with the Centre. The Centre also hosts in partnership with the Portsmouth Business School Accounting Group the annual counter fraud and forensic accounting conference. The Centre is also linked through the provision of Secretariat functions to the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board.

Profile of a household insurance fraudster

Until now there has been little research on those who have submitted fraudulent insurance claims. This research uses a large dataset of individuals who have submitted claims, which could be regarded as fraudulent. The report provides insights into the profile of a household insurance fraudster.