Aia Software

Aia Software, a Kofax Company, is the global developer and supplier of ITP, the ultimate customer communications management solution. This flexible, reliable software creates your documents, raises productivity and empowers your people.

ITP is currently used by over a thousand organizations worldwide in many different locations. Established in 1988, Aia has become a truly global player. Well-known names currently use ITP, and we are proud to call some of the largest financial services companies our clients.

In addition, we serve organizations in many other sectors, such as legal, IT and communications, manufacturing, retail, real estate, logistics and business services. Over 50 percent of Dutch local governments use ITP, showing the added value we deliver to the public sector. The diversity of deployment is testament to the flexibility, capability and reliability of ITP.

Aia employees bring in-depth knowledge and skills to every project. You can be sure of excellent support and advice to maximize your business benefits from ITP.

ITP -- own your communications!


How do you want to communicate today?

Aia, a Kofax Company, is the global developer and supplier of ITP, the ultimate Customer Communications Management solution for clients in different branches worldwide. Featuring testimonials from Xuber and SSP, this product brochure highlights the key benefits of Aia's solutions.

Customer communications management for ISVs

Are you an Independent Software Vendor, software provider or software developer who targets vertical markets including insurance and finance? This guide will help if you build and manage applications that rely heavily on document-based communications to interact with and service customers.