Improving the safety of young drivers - October 2012

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Young drivers remain a major danger on the road, to themselves, their passengers and other road users, with study after study showing that young people are far more likely to be involved in a crash than older drivers.

Young drivers are grossly overrepresented in the official accident figures and each statistic represents a tragic waste of life that could be prevented. Inexperience, youthful bravado and sheer recklessness can all play a part in these accidents and we need tough action and meaningful reform to better equip young drivers to handle the dangers of driving.

The consequence of this is that the cost of insurance for young drivers has continued to rise. High motor insurance premiums for young drivers are the direct result of their poor safety record, and a result of the statistically higher risk that they will cause themselves, their passengers, or other road users severe and life-changing injuries which can require a lifetime of care to be paid for from the original premium.

In this paper, we detail the scale of the problem, analyse the factors behind young drivers' poor safety record, and set out a number of proposals which we strongly believe will reduce the risk posed by young drivers.