FSA guidance consultation: Payment protection insurance customer contact letters (PPI CCLs) – fairness, clarity and potential consequences

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Firms should be undertaking an analysis of complaints about the previous sale of PPI policies. Where firms have identified that they may have mis-sold PPI policies, they may be contacting consumers to alert them and to advise that they may be entitled to some redress. As part of this exercise, firms may also be asking customers whether they would like the sale of their PPI policy to be reviewed.

In this guidance we refer to letters or other types of communications used to contact consumers to ask them to respond if they would like their sale to be reviewed as ‘PPI consumer contact letters' (PPI CCLs). This guidance sets out our view of what a PPI CCL should contain, and how it should be presented so that it is clear, fair and not misleading.

This guidance also sets out our view of how our rules on complaint handling and the time limits on a consumer making a complaint are relevant to PPI CCLs. It also covers some other relevant obligations such as record keeping.