Post Intelligence Docu-Video: How can the industry tackle application fraud?

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While claims fraud continues to grab the most headlines, insurers and brokers are now focusing as much attention on fraud at the point of quote. This was born out by a recent white paper that found that two thirds of respondents saw this increasing over the next five years.

With this in mind Post - in association with Equifax - quizzed a number of industry figures about what steps insurers and brokers are taking to combat this problem, the data sources are they using and the value - or otherwise - of pre-filled application.

The docu-video, which includes interviews with Hastings head of counter fraud Paul Baker, Allianz underwriting fraud manager Graham Knight, Ageas counter fraud intelligence manager Andy Pagett, Zurich head of personal lines underwriting fraud, Zurich and Equifax fraud expert John Marsden, also tackles the role of online aggregators in combatting application fraud.

To tie in to the docu-video, Equifax and Post have also published a white paper called Stopping Fraudsters in their Tracks.