P&C claims in the digital era: Managing digital content and processes

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Insurers are in the midst of adapting to life in the digital era. Expectations from customers, agents, and employees, along with the rapidly increasing variety and volume of digital data are creating new opportunities and challenges throughout the industry. Property and casualty claims is one area of the business where the increasingly digital, mobile world has the greatest impact for the insurance industry.

Many leading insurers are moving beyond the claims transaction and leveraging advanced technologies to transform their businesses. They are rethinking and optimising processes and enhancing the customer experience with the goal of positively impacting the profitability of the company.

This whitepaper sheds light on the opportunities available for P&C insurers to create a new digital claims environment and achieve a competitive advantage.

Topics covered:
• Claims in the digital era.
• Business capabilities for insurers.
• Collaboration in the claims process.
• Technology capabilities for insurers.
• P&C claims process flow.