Claims management: Leak detection - Trace, Access and Repair

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According to the ABI, nearly 20% of claims made on buildings and contents insurance are for damage caused by escape of water, costing on average £2 million every day to the insurer. For some individuals, ‘escape of water' claims can run into tens of thousands of pounds. In one example, a Londoner's washing machine leaked and spread to the downstairs flats, resulting in over £150,000 of damage.

A high expectation is that the most serious leaks are caused by burst mains, however this is an incorrect assumption. Most leaks - and therefore most claims - are from small leaks and leaking fittings.

Trace, Access and Repair is the process of identifying and locating leaks, either external to, or within a property and correcting the fault, seamlessly. Without using these specialist processes, we can be treating the symptoms, but not the cause.

This whitepaper focuses on the limitations of existing leak detection methods and highlights how insurers can reduce claims costs by deploying the 'Trace, Access and Repair' approach.