See the benefits of a Single Customer View

In our view, an SCV is a single, consistent, accurate and holistic view of your organisation's customers, prospects and their data.

You've got their email address, you know where they live and what they buy. You think you know what they need and where they're looking for that information. You might have thought you knew your customer once. But in today's world, keeping up with your customers who have a postal address, multiple email addresses, a mobile number, an instant messaging id and a Twitter page - to, name a few of their identifiers - is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is the reason why organisations, large and small, recognise that a Single Customer View or Single Citizen View (SCV) is not just a ‘nice to have' but, today, more essential than ever. Put simply, an SCV is a prerequisite for success in the modern era because the more sources of data and points of interaction we have with our customers and prospects, the more we'll know about them.

Knowing more means we can target them better, get closer, increase loyalty and structure our organisation to be truly customer centric. Looking for any more reasons to prove the need for a consolidated view of your contacts and why an SCV is so important? This short guide will show you the benefits of an SCV, what an SCV means to different industries, and how you may want to tackle some of the challenges along the way.