Insurance asset management: Europe 2014

With traditional assets yielding low returns for the €6.3 trillion of investable insurance assets, UK and European insurers must consider alternative investment strategies to meet their on-going liability targets. With economic uncertainty, reluctance by management boards to take on risk assets, and the need to better understand capital charges, risk levels, tax, regulatory and compliance factors, insurers must innovate now more than ever before.

This report considers the challenges facing those tasked with investment selection, risk management, data intelligence and technology as they seek to innovate from their current positions.

Topics covered:

- Achieving yield in a low interest rate environment.

- Developing new investment vehicles for insurers.

- The challenge of diversification - what are the best alternatives for government bond investors?

- Long term funding and liabilities.

- The 4 R's of active investment management - resources, regulation, risk appetite and returns.