Delivering next generation claims operating model for general insurers

Operating models answer a very fundamental, yet most substantial question: How to deliver profitable and differentiating services to customers. Amid changing customer expectations, a rapidly evolving digital technology landscape and altering cost and profit bases, executing a strategically aligned, “fit for vision” operating model has always been a taxing goal for insurance leaders.

The claims function remains a critical moment-of-truth in the insurance value chain, yet its evolving value proposition has evolved in line with the changing needs of insurers and customers. As a result, claims is now the front runner in all large transformation agendas.

This whitepaper focuses on how general insurers can deliver the next generation claims operating model in a post-Covid world.

Topics covered include:
• The impact of Covid-19 on GI claims ecosystems.
• New challenges in a post-Covid world and their potential impact on design elements.
• The case for the next-generation operating model - why insurers need a clear vision now.
• Fundamental questions the next-gen operating model should address.
• Omni-channel guidelines for customer segments in a next-generation claims operating model.
• Emerging trends in digital solutions across the claims value chain.