Workplace health and safety report 2013: An insurer's perspective

It will be no surprise to anyone involved in manufacturing that these have been challenging times for both small and large businesses. This is not only as a direct result of an evolving and complex risk agenda, but one that is accentuated by a difficult economic climate and an on-going squeeze on spending. Ensuring onsite health and safety can often be neglected at the expense of focusing on performance and costs.

Zurich's workplace health and safety report highlights the risks of failing to manage health and safety effectively, including prosecution, reputational damage, increased insurance premiums and claims volumes.

Topics covered:

- Why does workplace health and safety remain an operational risk?

- Health and safety reforms.

- Calculating employers liability premiums.

- What does a well-controlled risk look like from an insurer's perspective?

- Using a best practice approach to influencing your EL insurer.

- Recent changes impacting civil law claims.