The State of the Broking Nation: Part one - Insurers

The broking environment is in a state of flux, with mergers and acquisitions occurring apace against a backdrop of creeping digitisation and more intrusive regulation. The insurance industry is focused, as always, on how it can grow and prosper in an economy that remains under pressure.

And as we edge closer to the general election in May, the UK's political landscape has also been shaken by constitutional issues around the country's place in Europe and the sense that the Scottish referendum on independence will act as a catalyst for further-reaching devolution - all of which will have consequences across the business world.

With so much transformation affecting the broking sector, Post decided it was a good time to take stock and seek the personal opinions of some of the industry's most influential figures on the state of the market and the other big issues of the day.

In the first part of the series, we report their views on insurers.

Topics covered:
• What do insurers do well and not so well in their relations with brokers?
• Measuring performance by consistency and engagement levels.
• Which firms are doing well and which not so well?
• Five ways that insurers need to improve.
• The pros and cons of unrated capacity providers.