Build a successful business case for Single Customer View

It's clear that UK businesses are aware that they need to create a Single Customer View (SCV) if they are to thrive. However, as the Experian research profiled in this whitepaper shows, this is where the clarity ends.

In 2012, Experian QAS commissioned independent market research company, Dynamic Markets, to carry out interviews with: 400 cross-sector UK organisations into attitudes and actions towards the Single Customer View; and 2,000 consumers exploring their attitudes to engagement with businesses.

Questions covered areas including consumer responses to good and bad engagement approaches, and how organisations viewed performance with and without an SCV in place.

This whitepaper breaks findings down into three key areas:

1) What an SCV can achieve and the costs of failing to implement one.

2) How an organisation can focus resources towards creating a business plan that achieves an SCV

3) How organisations can build a culture that continually fosters an SCV.