Lloyd's update - FY 2011 results

The latest Lloyd's Update report covers the market's 2011 financial results and business position in 2012.

At GBP4.6 billion (USD7.4 billion), major losses were more than double the prior year level and more than three times the long-term average. They represented 25.5% of net premium earned and 24.1% of opening net resources (both lower than in 2001 or 2005).

Despite the unprecedented major loss burden in 2011, members' Funds at Lloyd's, the market's central assets and overall solvency coverage remain at record levels.

This report provides in depth analysis of Lloyd's performance including:

1) Lloyd's major losses - 1994-2011.

2) Gross and net premiums written - 2000-2011.

3) Gross premiums written by class - 2004-2011.

4) Regional GWP breakdowns - 2004-2011.

5) Historical major losses component of combined ratio - 2000-2011.

6) Syndicate performances - 2010-2011.

7) Disaster scenarios.