Alistair Reynolds' SMEs in 2062

Today our world is changing faster than ever. In particular this rings true for the SME sector; new technologies, demographic shifts and globalisation will have a profound impact on the future of UK small businesses. SME risk is also changing and in many ways becoming more complex - so the need for advice, foresight and guidance will become increasingly important.

In this white paper, science fiction writer Alastair Reynolds analyses the views and predictions of 1000+ SME professionals to outline his vision of the future and the implications for brokers and risk management.

The research found that over half of SMEs believe the High Street as we currently know it will be replaced by a 'virtual' equivalent within eight years, whilst a further 59% believe artificial intelligence programmes will play a crucial role for SMEs in 50 years.

Topics covered:

- The SME workforce of the future.

- The SME business model of the future.

- SME trading in the future.

- SME production, services and products in the future.