Doing business in Singapore

Singapore is an island that lies just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. Its strategic location on major sea lanes has provided the country with an economic importance in Southeast Asia. Singapore is often considered as a base for global enterprises looking to expand into Asia and Asian enterprises looking for global connectivity. Located at the heart of Asia, Singapore is sitting at the centre of business opportunities. Having the four key attributes - Trust, Knowledge, Connected and Life, Singapore is being positioned as an ideal city to Work, Live and Play.

Singapore has a capitalised mixed economy. Having strong international trade links, Singapore possesses one of the most open economies for international trade and investment. Singapore offers foreign investors a pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure, highly-skilled and cosmopolitan labour force, and a robust legal/judicial system.

This report highlights the keys to achieving commercial success in Singapore and provides comprehensive advice on:

- Singapore's legal environment.

- Starting a business banking relationship in Singapore.

- Business structures in Singapore.

- Listing in Singapore.

- Singapore's employment landscape.

- Working in Singapore.

- Taxation in Singapore.

- Commercial insurance.

- Intellectual property laws.

- Singapore's info-comm technology landscape.