The Southern Surge revisited: Robust trends in South Asian insurance

Independent economic analyst Vanessa Rossi examines the insurance sector growth prospects in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia; revisiting this subject after an earlier CII report in 2010.

The report set out the future prospects for the insurance and financial services markets in India and across South East Asia, and predicted that despite optimistic growth over the last few years, the real "southern surge" of financial sector growth in Malaysia and India is yet to come, carrying significant benefits for the rest of South East Asia. We had asked international economic analyst Vanessa Rossi to examine the insurance and financial services markets in these countries, and those findings highlighted how important and varied these economies are.

Now two years later, Vanessa returns to this topic to see how these predictions are progressing. The latest data reveal that in fact short-term growth has been even better than predicted. Based on the same approach to analysing market potential, the new data also point to a further boost to prospects for insurance market expansion over the long run.